Company Profile


B & D Electric Service was organized in 1961 as a partnership and incorporated in the State of Indiana in 1971 as B & D Electric, Inc. We have been a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association since 1972, and we are a signatory of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers(IBEW) Local 16 of Evansville, Indiana. Currently we have 5 foreman with many years of experience, and  also have available, through IBEW, a pool of qualified Journeyman Wireman with up-to-date knowledge and training.

Through our 55 years of existence, we have gained experience in various types of contruction. We are able to provide service for any type of commercial and industrial contruction. We have worked on many area school projects. We have installed a 138KV Substation for the City of Washington, Indiana, and we have been an on-base electrical contractor at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana for over 50 years.

B & D Electric, Inc. has never failed to complete a contract and has never been in litigation in respect to work performed. B & D Electric, Inc. is classified as a Small Business Concern because of our size and gross sales. In order to hold our overhead to a minimum, we depend on our suppliers for engineering and technical support.

Our Drug and Alcohol Program and Health and Safety Program are coordinated with IBEW and NECA. Our employees are tested periodically for illegal drups and substances. The policy includes probable cause testing for drup/alcohol impairment on the jobsite. Our Health and Safety Program is based on OSHA standards for the contruction industry. We require all of our employees to comply with these regulations as well as those company rules formulated for the health and safety of employees.


Founded in 1960 as B&D Electric Service in Washington, Indiana by Frank Dant and Nelson Brashier, the early years were spent in the motor repair shop and oil fields, and then expanded into commercial and industrial wiring.

Nelson worked as an electrician at the Naval Base in Crane, Indiana and then later went to Commonwealth Electric in Washington, Indiana where Frank was employed.  In 1960, when Commonwealth Electric closed its doors, the two formed a partnership.  In 1971, the company became incorporated.  We have been a member of Local 16 International Brotherhood Electrical Workers (IBEW) of Evansville, Indiana and National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) since 1972. 

The commercial and industrial contracting was a needed profession in the area and the business progressed well.  Some of the earliest projects were:  Southside Elementary School (now Griffith Elementary), Sunset Towers (now Washington Towers), Pike Central Schools, Washington Post Office, Jasper Schools, and Prairie Nursing Home.  We are especially proud of the 138KV Power Station on Cosby Road in Washington, Indiana when Washington went to public service power and eliminated the Eastside Park Power Plant.

Shortly after starting the wiring business, we started bidding federal government projects on the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC/NSA) in Crane, Indiana and have completed many, many projects over the decades and we remain there today over 50 years later.   

Nelson retired in 1981, with Frank purchasing his shares and continuing the electrical contracting business and also the motor repair shop.  Frank and Nelson built the business on excellence, dependability, safety, integrity and honesty.  B&D Electric, Inc. has never failed to complete a project and has never been in litigation in respect to work performed. 

In 2002, Greg Hauser and Tony Blessinger, long time employees and Journeyman Wiremen Superintendents, purchased the company.  Frank continued to work in the motor repair shop and as a mentor until his passing. Tony and Greg handle and supervise all the contracting, from estimating a project to performing the work to closing out the project with the help of a very competent and valuable crew.  The values of the company have not changed and we continue to have a strong presence as a successful industrial and electrical contractor in Southern Indiana and surrounding areas.


The Power of Performance
B&D Electric, Inc. has become a contractor of choice by many of our general contractors.  Our customers herald our emphasis on excellence, dependability, safety, and also, collaboration with the different trades needed to work together in order to complete a project timely.

The Power of Leadership
Our management has many years of supervising, experience, and training needed to deliver complete satisfaction from our customers.  They focus on safety for all involved and excellence on every construction project.

The Power of Knowledge and Ability
We have a pool of qualified Journeyman Wiremen available to us as needed through Local 16 IBEW in Evansville, Indiana with continuing training, education, and up-to-date knowledge.  We have had as many as 27 Journeyman Wiremen and Apprentices working for us at one time.   We currently have 9 Journeyman Wiremen, 5 of which are Foremen, and 3 Apprentices in our employment.  Our Apprentices go through 5 years of classroom and on-the-job training before they become Journeyman Wiremen thru the JATC (Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee for the Electrical Industry) in Evansville, Indiana.    

Key Areas of Performance
Complete Industrial and Commercial Electrical Work
Electric Utility Substations
Secondary Services and Distribution
Fire Alarm Systems
Telephone/Data Communication Systems
High Speed Deluge Systems
Lightning Protection
Security Systems
HVAC Control Systems
Process Control Systems
Access Control Systems

Other Strengths
Our employees are required to take periodic drug and alcohol tests and can be subject to probable cause testing if warranted.

Our employees have had government background checks because of our work at NSA Crane, IN.

Corporate Core Values:

Safety comes first and foremost for all our employees and all others on the project

Service excellence for the customer

Ethical business practices:  honesty, integrity, professionalism, dependability

Problem solving when necessary

Excellent and respectful work atmosphere

Respectful of other trades on project

Zero tolerance for alcohol, drug, and illegal substances 

Company Status: 
Small Business Concern
Incorporated in 1971 in State of Indiana
Current No. of All Employees:  14
Member of Local 16 IBEW, Evansville, IN
            and NECA, Evansville, IN
No. of Years in Business:  57
Bonding:  Smith-Manus Agency of Louisville, Kentucky


Local 16 IBEW of Evansville, IN

NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association)
JATC (Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee) of Evansville, IN
Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS# 00-701-0788)
Better Business Bureau

Daviess County, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Indiana Sheriffs’ Association



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